Introducing TidBits! Our new little little biscuit!

The BIGGEST NEWS in LITTLE BISCUITS!  Bo’s new 2oz bag of TidBits!

This little bag fits perfectly in your pocket!

Even somber adults are going all mushy over this bag, muttering “adorable”, “cute”, and other such adjectives. We admit it, this one has us all saying those things too. Wait until you hold this little 4×6″ bag in your hand … yup, Adorable. We completely agree. By the way, this bag fits very nicely into your pocket or purse. And they’re ON SALE RIGHT NOW!

Spring is coming! We PROMISE! Come take a walk thru the Bakery Gardens … they’ll look like this again soon!

As always, Bo’s Bones brinAidesh's nosegs you the premier organic dog biscuit — rich in honey — made right here in the US since 2001. Our mission is to clover-flowers1.jpgspread joy and health through partnerships between dogs and people. We bake – you and your dogs enjoy. We support Shelters, Rescues & Sanctuaries throughout the US. Come join us! Have a Rescue you’d like us to help? Just send word and let’s talk. We thank you for supporting our mission!

close up yellow flower w bee

Ithaca Dog Fest 2015 — Save the date — Saturday Sept 26.  Now accepting applications from vendors and canine rescue groups. Email for an Early Entry application. 

From all of us at Bo’s — THANKS! Now come on in and make those dogs happy!

We always appreciate hearing from you. Contact Jen, Customer Service, at or by using the ‘contact me’ link to the left.

Gotta Getta Bo’s!

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