What People Are Saying About Bo’s

PB-white-wraps.jpgfrom Martin Lieberman, Martin’s K9 Formula. “With all my years in selling dog food and dog treats this has the highest palatability in the business. I count my fingers when I hand out Bones.”

from Sandra and Sadie (Norfolk Terrier) in LaFayette NY. “Sadie had breath that was just horrible. I’ve tried just about everything short of going to a vet for teeth cleaning (approx $600).  Well, since I’ve stopped buying the store brands advertised for cleaning teeth and use only your Bones, her breath and teeth have become so much better – now we can have nice little dog kisses again — which she is more and more willing to give, whether I want them or not, LOL!   Thank you so much!!”

from Alice in Warminster, PA. “I gave Annie, my Australian Shepard, several kinds of treats in a side by side taste test. You’ll be pleased to know that she grabs the Bones and leaves the competition every time!”

from Ged in LeRoy, NY. “Out of curiosity we gave Bob (the Golden) a choice between standard dog biscuits and Bones. No choice as far as he was concerned — he took the Bones every time!”

from Hilary, pet products retailer. “Customers look for value more than price. Bo’s Bones offers the finest quality, the best taste. These are truly HIGH VALUE products!”

from Evie in Ithaca, NY. “You should hear the noise! She’s laying on the rug, crunching, with this mellow look of bliss on her face. She’s absolutely oblivious to everything else around her. I appreciate that they’re organic. Margaret and Argus LOVE them.”

from Pat in Palo Alto, CA. “I received a thank you note from Rosie’s owner. Rosie decided before her b/d party that the Bones were TOO GOOD TO SHARE and made it very clear to her (canine) guests that these were HERS and hers alone. Thought you might get a chuckle out of this!”

From Melinda in Mesa, AZ. “Ruff and Gunter are crazy about Bo’s. If I give Ruff a Bo’s while Gunter’s outdoors, Gunter sniffs Ruff’s breath and comes and demands equal share. You’d better send more!”

From Joe in Dallas, TX. “Our dog doesn’t usually like snacks but we were given a pack of Bo’s Bones as a gift. I don’t know what you put in them (well, actually I do, I read the package) but Sal (my daschund) goes crazy for them. I can’t leave them anywhere she can reach them, she steals them and hides them under her bed then comes back for more!”

From Anna in Syracuse, NY. “Sammy keeps coming back for more. I had a few left in a jacket pocket that I’d forgotten about and he kept bumping my jacket and trying to get his head in there. I thought he was going to chew a hole in that pocket!”

There you have it. Bo’s Bones are the dog’s choice, paws down.

PowerBones, the Original Bo’s Bone!

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