Bit’s Chips, 5oz bag

Bit's Chips, 5oz bag

a bite-sized treat great for pups and smaller dogs, often used by trainers


This small biscuit is a big-time favorite — the first choice of trainers, puppy owners, dog walkers, small dog lovers, and Bo. Bit’s Chips are smaller biscuits, about the size of a quarter. Bo’s favorite people always carry these in their pockets. And since more is better Bo suggests you carry lots for an emergency … like, he wants one.

Bit’s Chips are special to our hearts. Bit was our beloved Patterdale Terrier who helped raise Bo, along with countless other puppies who at some time made their home with us. Bit was a fearless friend who devoted his life to his people. We miss him every day6 and this is one of our ways of keeping his spirit alive. Live On Bit!

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