PowerBones, 5pack — every dog dreams of these!

PowerBones, 5pack -- every dog dreams of these!

Our best selling biscuit!


This is the biscuit that started it all, loved from coast to coast!

WOW! Now THAT’S a BONE!” is what we hear when people see our huge 2 oz biscuit, and it still makes us grin. That’s exactly why we christened this huge biscuit “The PowerBone”! This organic treat is SO BIG that we perforate it so you can break it.

Like all our biscuits, the organic PowerBone is handcut, so no two are exactly the same. At 2 oz and 5″ long, it’s a lotta biscuit.  One is never enough, so we pack them 5 to a bag. After all, it’s good to share. (Our photo shows TWO 5packs — more is better!)

PS.  These make GREAT party favors! PowerBones have attended weddings, bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties and recitals. Write to Jen@BosBones.com for quantity discounts!

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